Clock/Sundial Conservation Project

The conservation of the clock/sundial on the south face of the tower is now complete. 

From the parish registers and churchwarden accounts there is evidence of a clock from the early 17th Century that was regularly wound and repaired.  It is not known if the clock/sundial was made at the same time or if the sundial was superimposed on the earlier clock face. It is offset from the centre of the tower, possibly to accommodate the winding mechanism or bell ropes. The clock/sundial is inscribed at the top " Thom. Marton & Robt Campleman Churchwardens 1767" and at the foot " Robt Campleman sculpsit 1767. Terrington was surrounded by a number of quarries to extract its limestone/sandstone and stonemasonrys was a common craft amongst the population.

We are very grateful to every one who supported this project by fundraising, donations, grants and legacies. A report on the work is available for download on this page.