Church Electoral Roll

If you live in the parish of Terrington or attend our Church, are baptised and are over 16 years old you are entitled to be on our Church Electoral Roll. 

Being on the roll enables you to participate in the management of the Church by attending the Parochial Church Council Meetings. Importantly it shows your support and care for your local Church. The Diocese collect data from us each year about the roll and if we are applying for grant funding for project we asked for this information. The more people we have on the roll the more it helps the sustainability of the Church.

The application form is at the bottom of this page and a Privacy Notice that explains what we do with your data is available in the Church. You can get a paper copy from the Church or by phoning the Churchwarden Helen Ashdown on 01653 648496. Post your completed form to Helen at The Old Barn, South Back Lane East Terrington York YO60 6PX.

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