So long but don't be strangers; St John's thanks Erik and Jane Wilson

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As St John's welcomed Richard White as our new Priest-in-Charge on Monday 28th June, so we said a very fond farewell to Erik Wilson who has steered us through the last nine months as Interim Minister.

Erik was Vicar of nearby St Martin's (where Richard's wife Louise has just become Curate) many years ago before spending 20 years as Vicar of St Barnabas in Middlesbrough, from where he retired to Beverley with his wife Jane in 2018. They both answered the call from Archdeacon Andy and Bishop Alison to re-start worship at St John's after a gap of several months, as the 2020 Covid pandemic measures began to lift last October.

St John's is growing once again through Erik's faithful teaching and warm leadership; as he and Jane return to worship and ministry at St Mary's in Beverley they go with our gratitude, our love and our prayers.

We know they’ll be staying in touch, and we look forward to Erik leading worship at St John’s every now and again.