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We hope you enjoy your visit. Here are some highlights to look out for as you browse the pages. 

* A warm welcome from our Vicar, The Rev'd Alison Hardy (please see below). A rolling calendar of regular and special church services* Our fully indexed and comprehensive 'News and Notices' section including: news of events to come and reports on events since passed; interesting topical articles with a strong link to religion; special stories and appeals related to the war in Ukraine; letters of the month from either Rev'd Alison or our curate The Rev'd Nicki Farr and much more. A fascinating Everyday Faith feature initiated by the Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury which includes stories of real life encounters with faith, our own Prayers in the Community initiative which includes our recently begun Daily Prayer Hour and it's associated Prayer For The Month A detailed History of St Paternus by Caroline Stone. Plus lots more! 

Our church is open for prayers every day during the daytime and we invite you to visit the church to pray as often as possible.

Where are we?

North Petherwin is a large Parish in a beautiful, predominantly rural area, situated just a few miles to the North West of Launceston. St Paternus, the parish church, is situated towards the southern end of the parish in the hamlet of North Petherwin and close to the village of Petherwin Gate, the main centre of population of the parish.

A message from The Rev'd Alison Hardy, Priest in Charge of the Benefice and Vicar of St Paternus.

The St Paternus Church Community extends a very warm welcome to you all!  Whether you are visiting or resident in our beautiful, rural Parish we are pleased that you have taken time to visit our church website.

Your local Church is made up of people just like you! So do please introduce yourself to us if reading the pages of this website leads to you visiting our church in person for one of our services. We’d love to get to know you. Of course, you are most welcome to visit the church at other times during the day when it is light for prayer or quiet contemplation, or simply to explore it's beautiful expansive interior and grounds. Information is there to read or purchase and you will find it on the table in front of the bell tower. We do hope you find what you are looking for but you would be most welcome to contact us via our 'Get in Touch' page if not.

Church services are held on Sundays and usually begin at 10 am. Please find the latest details of services on our 'Services and Events' page, giving details of our services for generally the current month.

We are happy to book in Christenings and Weddings, Please join us for one of our services or make a phone call to make an appointment.

We also have a dedicated chat line for anyone who is lonely or in need of help and would like a friendly voice to talk to. Please visit the 'St Paternus Telephone Helpline' page in our 'Everyday Faith' section for a more detailed description of how we can help.99999

Our 'About Us' section also includes details on our Vicars, articles on the history of our beautiful church and lots more and we most cordially invite you to study these. 

You can also dial into the virtual 'Daily Hope Line' hosted by the Church of England. This service is available at all times and enables you to listen to a weekly service, a weekly address by the Archbishop of Canterbury, a selection of popular hymns and much more. Simply dial 0800 804 8044 for this service.

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Revd Alison Hardy

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Holy Communion Service for February.

Sunday 19 February 2023 Sunday at for 1 hour

Our Holy Communion Service for just this month is held on the third Sunday, the next before Lent. It is led by the Rev'd Nick Farr and begins at 10am.

For the Eucharist, the bread and wine are once again being offered at the communion rail, with the wine being offered from a common chalice. If you are concerned about this, then please walk away from the communion rail as soon as you have received the bread.

Monthly service.

Everyday faith

Discover how we can support you to find and follow God in your everyday life.

Our comprehensive list of all of our news stories, including articles, prayers and more.