Our Clergy - current and previous.


The Rev'd Nicki Farr - Curate.

Reverend Nicki moved from Callington to Launceston in June 2020 to begin her role as a Curate. She gained experience in the different parishes within the Benefice of Moorland & Egloskerry and also in Launceston and in May 2022 she was assigned to concentrate particularly on our parish.

During her time with us, she has shown herself to be a person of many qualities and during this all too short a time with us she has greatly endeared herself to our congregation, this being shown by a well attended surprise leaving party and a well attended leaving service.

Her time with us coincided with the final part of her training to become a fully qualified Priest and the successful conclusion of this training has enabled her to take up the role of Rector and Pioneer Priest in the Camel-Allen Cluster of parishes centred on the town of Camelford.

It is with much confidence that we wish Rev'd Nicki every success in her new role.

March 2024

On joining us here in North Petherwin, Nicki wrote:

Hello. I’m Reverend Nicki Farr and during the last year I have been serving as a Curate in the Launceston parish and in the Benefice of Moorland and Egloskerry. From May 2022 I will be giving particular focus and attention to the church and parish of North Petherwin. I look forward to getting to know you and meet you in person but would like to introduce myself by sharing with you a little bit about me and my journey.

I grew up in Andover, Hampshire and moved to Cornwall in 1988 when I married my husband Andrew. We have four daughters, Bethany, Kirsty, Rachel and Holly, aged between 28 and 21 who continually delight and enrich our lives. I worked in a bank when I left school and later became a peripatetic music teacher, teaching children and adults clarinet and flute.

I was baptised as a baby, and regularly went to church and Sunday school as a child, and later went through confirmation. After a few years of drifting away from the church I felt God calling me back to him, so on arrival in Cornwall, we started to attend St Mary’s Church in Callington where we were given a warm welcome.

In the years that followed, I discovered a new found faith. Built on the foundations of childhood, I now discovered a personal relationship with Jesus and realised, through his death on the cross, that all the mistakes I had made had been forgiven. Through his resurrection and ascension it enabled me to step into a new life with Jesus, as both my Saviour and friend, guided by his Spirit.

As my journey as a disciple of Jesus developed, I embraced many roles within the church, and engaged with a variety of different ministries, both with adults and children, and in teaching and healing ministries.

As my faith deepened, I became aware of a calling to ministry. I was accepted for training by St Mellitus Theological College where I studied theology, mission and ministry alongside working in practice in Callington Church. This provided me with a rich experience and a wide range of different styles of church services which helped me develop my ministry.

In June 2020 I moved to Launceston to start my new role as a Curate, where I have continued to gain experience but also to embrace and understand the churches and communities that I am called to serve within.

Prayer is foundational in my life and I will be praying for the people and area of North Petherwin. If you would like to receive prayer for anything please do not hesitate to contact me. There are regular services in the church to which everyone is welcome.

My journey is ongoing, as there is so much to discover of God. I am grateful to be able to continue my journey in the Parish of North Petherwin and look forward to getting to know you and hear your story.

Every blessing

Revd Nicki Farr
01566 777651
[email protected]


The Reverend Alison Hardy - Priest in Charge of the Benefice including the Parish of North Petherwin

Alison and her husband, Chris, farm in Virginstow in Devon where they raised a family of five children. Two weeks lambing in the spring was a regular fixture in her calendar. Alison was ordained in 2014 in Truro Cathedral, she moved to Launceston in 2018 when she was licensed as the parish priest and was appointed as Rector of North Petherwin in 2021. She continued to work in Launceston and have the care of seven rural parishes including North Petherwin.

The last few years have seen major changes in both the Diocese and Deanery which have impacted on all the parishes. Each of the Parishes and Churches in her care have different needs and communities. She supported each in the way they chose to move ahead in response to changing circumstances. The services and events in each community reflecting their individual ways.  

Alison developed strong links with the schools and communities, her support and kindness was given to everyone. She visited the schools, responding to children and their families who enquired and questioned her about her faith and beliefs, encouraging those who expressed an interest in prayer or reading about spirituality and faith.

We wish her every happiness and success in her work in Holsworthy and its associated parishes.  

The Rev'd Geoffrey Pengelly - our Vicar of nearly thirty years.

Fond memories of Geoffrey from the near three decades he was Vicar of our Parish.

Over the years there have, of course, been many memories, but overall the outstanding recollections are of his care for everyone in whatever circumstances and whether they are churchgoers or not. We've been able to share with him our joys and sorrows and he always had the time to listen and guide no matter what his own cares may have been. We recall the time during one of the services when he told us that he would not be able to continue driving because of a sight problem. At the time the Hewlett family were living in the village and David Hewlett stood up and asked the congregation to gather round to show our support and willingness to help Geoffrey in whatever way we could. Then on a very happy occasion at the end of a service Geoffrey said he had something to tell us. We all inwardly felt he was going to say that because of the sight difficulty he would have to be leaving for another parish, but to our delight he said that he and Rosemary were getting married. Immediately everyone smiled and showed their pleasure. There are many circumstances too numerous to mention but his dedication to his calling mark him as a humble Godly man who will be greatly missed.