The Quiet Garden

An area of the churchyard was cleared, designed and planted to provide a peaceful, reflective space for visitors. We are members of the Quiet Garden Movement   Our Quiet Garden, also known as the Garden of Memories, is managed organically and planting is done to encourage wildlife, particularly bees and butterflies. We also provide water and bird feeders around the garden and a bug hotel. 

The majority of plants and the seating has been donated by the community. 

If you would like to help us maintain our beautiful garden please contact Jackie Davis via the Get in touch page  on our website. 

The Quiet Garden Movement is a network of outdoor spaces and gardens worldwide. These outdoor spaces are used for prayer, contemplation, stillness and rest for the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of individuals, groups and communities. Gardens are found in a variety of settings including private homes, churches, schools, hospitals, community gardens, prisons, retreat centres and woodland burial grounds. 

Page updated 4/11/23

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