Stoke Minster is a spectacular historic building set in several acres of greenery that has been the venue for weddings in Stoke for centuries. As part of the Church of England, with a local presence in every place, we’re here to welcome you and to pray for God’s blessing on your new life together.

A church wedding is not as expensive as couples often think it is. Churches will share with you extra charges such as for an organist to play music or a verger to clean and prepare the church, many of the additional charges are optional depending on what you want for your wedding. The basic cost of the marriage service is under £600 (2024 prices) and should be the same in every Church of England church. Full details of fees at Stoke Minster (in 2024) are available for download here. Ask your vicar for more information.

Wherever you live, there’s a local Church of England church ready to welcome you and make your wedding day at taste of heaven. You can find your local church here or contact us and we can help put you in touch.

To book a wedding or to discuss the possibility of marrying at Stoke Minster, complete the online wedding enquiry form. We'll then contact you to talk things through to see how we can help or feel free to contact us.

Excited but not sure where to start? The Church of England offers guidance for couples on planning for the wedding service Click here for more information. The vicar taking your service will discuss this with you in any case.

What documents will I need to bring? We are required to undertake ID checks in advance of a couple giving notice of marriage (usually through the calling of banns). Click here for details of documents that we’ll need to see in advance of your wedding. If you don't have a valid UK passport, or your passport is due to expire before the wedding, please let us know at the earliest opportunity.

I've been divorced. Can I still get married at Stoke Minster? Yes, in principle, after interview. You will need in addition to present the decree absolute which should normally already have been issued before you approach us.

Do I need to approach Registration Services at the Council? Normally this is not necessary as usually the legal preliminary to the marriage is the calling of banns in church (giving notice of your intent to marry each other). You will need to approach Registration Services a couple of weeks after the marriage ceremony to collect your copy marriage certificate (you make payment for this separately to the City Council).

What are banns of marriage? The calling of banns is the usual legal preliminary that takes place in the three months before the wedding when your intent to marry is proclaimed in church. Banns have to be called in the church where you are getting married as well as the parish church where you are (each) resident. It is, in consequence, very important that you keep us informed of any change in your address details leading up to the wedding.

What about witnesses? We recommend that the two witnesses to the marriage be adults who are UK nationals - they need to be able to understand the service.

When do we need to make payment? We request couples to make an initial deposit payment of £100 at the time of booking with the balance of fees to be paid two weeks before the wedding. Where payment is made by bank transfer please include your surnames in the reference field (e.g. SMITH JONES). See above for more information about fees.

I want to change my name at the wedding. What do I need to do? We're not in a position to offer legal advice but see here (not an official Government site). Note that you can apply for a new passport in your new name up to three months before the wedding - see here.