World War Two 1939-1945 Memorial

Located on the south interior wall of church.

Harold Frederick Connor, Private 6094420, 2/7th Bn. The Queen’s Royal Regiment, Age 27

Harold was killed in action in Italy on 21st January 1944 and is buried at Minturno War Cemetery on the cost between Naples and Rome. He was born locally in autumn 1917 to a local gardener, Arthur W Connor, and Matilda Durrant who lived at 1, Council Cottages, Duncton.

Francis Raymond Carter, Sgt. (Flight Engineer) 1166938, 207 Sqn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Age 22.

Francis died on 10th September 1942 when his Lancaster went down off northern Denmark while on a mine-laying mission. He was washed ashore near Bovbjerg and was buried at Lemvig Cemetery by the parish priest. He was born in the winter of 1920 at Heath End, Duncton to Stephen Carter, a coal worker, and Louisa Leeding Davis who lived at 416 Heath End.

Godfrey Middleton James Mayes, Flight Sgt. 922140, 269 Sqn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Age 19.

Godfrey died when his Hudson plane went down into the sea while on convoy escort duties near Iceland on 11th February 1942. An SOS signal was heard but no trace was found of the plane or crew. He was born in the winter of 1922 to James John Mayes and Fanny Flora Ford who lived at Redlands Farm, Duncton. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial in Surrey. Godfrey’s sister, who lived in the village until her recent passing, recalled having to cycle home from the post office in Petworth where she worked, to deliver the telegram to her own parents informing them of their son’s death.

Cecil Roser Darker, Petty Officer D/J110360, HMS Isis, Age 31.

Cecil was killed on 20th July 1944 while serving aboard the destroyer HMS Isis. Isis hit a mine and sank off the western sector of the Normandy landing beaches with the loss of 154 men. He was born in Ireland around 1913 to Frederick Darker, a groom, and Alice Marguerite Roser who lived at The Lodge, Barlavington Manor.

Charlotte Catherine Marshall, Civilian & Schoolteacher, Age 27

Charlotte was killed on 29th September 1942 when a lone German bomber attempted to drop its bombs on Canadian troops stationed at Petworth Park. The bombs missed their mark and hit Petworth Boys School. As there was no air raid warning, 80 children were at the school at the time and 28 were killed along with the headmaster and Charlotte, an assistant teacher. All of the victims are buried in a mass grave in the old cemetery in Petworth, just off the Horsham Road. Charlotte was born on 21st December 1914 in Duncton to Ernest William Marshall and Lucy Hannah Short of Burton Rough. Charlotte lived at Briar Bank.

Morris Henry Peacock, Sgt. (Air Gunner) 1337343, 76 Sqn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Age 19

Morris was killed on 9th November 1942 after having baled out of his Halifax bomber over Hamburg, Germany. The squadron was on a bombing mission and were heavily engaged by flak. The pilot gave the order to abandon but shortly regained control and cancelled his order but too late to save Morris and a colleague who had already jumped. There is record of his colleague being taken as a POW so one can only assume that Morris was shot before or shortly after landing. The remaining crew made it safely back to base. He is buried at the military cemetery in Hamburg. He was born in 1923 to William Henry Morris and Henrietta Annie Drummond of Crouch Farm Cottages, Barlavington.