Churchyard Policy & Plan


Thank you for visiting Holy Trinity, Duncton. Our churchyard is maintained by a local contractor with help from volunteers from the village. Our aim is to allow the departed to rest in peace in a tidy churchyard where gravestones are visible but in sympathy with a countryside environment.

Families and friends are responsible for maintaining individual gravestones of loved ones and your help with this is much appreciated. May we respectfully ask that:

~ wreaths and flowers are laid without any synthetic, non-biodegradable wrapping. Flowers will be removed when they are withered.

~ no artificial flowers, foliage, large pots or tubs are placed in the churchyard.

~ no shrubs, plants, bulbs or trees are planted even for commemorative purposes.

~ gravestones are kept in a safe condition.

With the thanks of the Parochial Church Council

Churchyard_plan_revised_2021, PDF