Church of England Diocese of Chichester Shipley

A Service for Pentecost

31 May 2020, 12:15 a.m.
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Shipley Church Self-Service

Sunday 31st May 2020 Whitsun

Thought for the week – Peace be with you.

Whit Sunday marks the moment when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples after Christ had ascended to heaven. They experienced a mysterious and supernatural phenomenon of awesome power, accompanied by signs of fire and wind, that gave them new powers of divine authority enabling a lasting relationship with God and the beginning of a life-long process of transformation into the likeness of Christ. A dramatic event, difficult for us to contemplate or to imagine. Jesus also appeared to them, and he said, “Peace be with you”. (John 20. 19-23) This was an enduring and inner peace, unhindered by the world’s strife (John 14.27). John Rutter’s “Gaelic Blessing”, written in 1978 for a choir wishing to give a farewell gift to their musical director, takes its text from an inscription found on a stone in a remote place in Ireland and speaks solely of Peace: “Deep peace of the running waves to you; Deep peace of the flowing air to you; Deep peace of the quiet earth to you …etc. and ends with, Deep peace of Christ to you.” 

Hymn for the Day

 Like a mighty river flowing

Like a mighty river flowing;

Like a flower in beauty growing;

Far beyond all human knowing,

Is the perfect peace of God.


We pray for the eventual reopening of our church, which for many is a comfort and inspiration that we get from coming together to worship God and to pray. It’s a building that connects us to both past and present, and acts as the beating heart of our neighbourhood. 

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