Shipley Choir

Shipley has a regular “robed” choir, and has had one for many years. Happily, this tradition continues with an enthusiastic group of singers, comprising Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses – who are all volunteers, some with past experience as choristers, and others willing amateur musicians . Choir and organ are often taken for granted, almost as if they are part of the church’s fabric. But, as an active bunch, we sing as a choir for the love of God, in praise and thanksgiving, and also because we enjoy to. In the Main Choir there are approximately 12/15 members, and the Junior Choir comprises 6 or 7 young people. There is an Organist/Musical Director as well as an Assistant Organist. The organ is a 2-manual pipe organ with a moderate range and reverential tone, built by Walker & Son.

Shipley Church is an affiliated member of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM). The benefits of belonging to such an organisation are wide-ranging, and our support of its work represents our participation in enriching the present, and helping secure the future of church music around the land. As an educational charity, founded in 1927, it is dedicated to enabling the best use of music throughout the whole ecumenical church and in every style and denomination of Christian worship. Our own repertoire and musical style is “traditional” not especially evangelical, and draws inspiration from the rich history of choral music in cathedrals and parish churches. Worship Songs are not particularly our “thing”, but we occasionally venture into the world of new modern hymns or anthems that help to provide special inspiration for a particular religious festival, or that express the response of Christians to the love and grace of God in a way that is digestible for our musical appetite!

We have regular choir practices in the church on Thursday evenings at 7pm, which last for one hour. We are always delighted to welcome any new members to the choir, and we invite anyone who might be interested in joining us to contact Musical Director, Peter Sanderson, telephone 01403 741170 or email [email protected]