Spiritual Treasure Trail

Download our Treasure Map and go explore some of our wonderful Churches in the local area.

Take your time and explore the twelve places shown on the map. Collect a sticker from each location and stick it onto the map. Hand your completed sheet to a church welcomer at St Mary’s Parish Church Horsham, (normally open between 11 am and 2 pm) or put it in the ‘treasure chest’ in the chapel, and you will receive an attendance prize. In addition, there are two questions to answer about each place, to help you explore. You can write your answers on a separate piece of paper and attach it, if you need more space. All complete forms with the correct answers will go into a draw, one for primary age children, one for secondary age young people, and one for adults. Those selected will receive a book. Please remember that churches and meeting houses are places of worship. If there is a service, meeting or wedding taking place, please come back later. Churches are not open all the time, please check the opening hours in the notes beside the map. In some cases there are only questions about what is outside. There is some information about local facilities beside the map to assist your visit. Several of the churches have public footpaths going through their grounds, eg St Nicolas’ and St George’s. Why not bring a picnic and go for a walk after exploring the church? This trail runs for the whole of August and can be done over several days. 

Spiritual_Treasures, PDF