With the Government advice on the relaxation of controls we have been decided that you no longer need to wear a mask while in Church, however we are very happy for people to wear them if it makes you feel more comfortable. We continue to encourage social distancing so spread out and use all the space available.

More details are on our "Services and Events" page

Social Distancing

Shipley is a large Church and social distancing is possible for up to 90-100 people, so if you are concerned please still come, wear your mask and find a place away from others. The main thing is to be comfortable and enjoy the Service.

The Church is once again open during daylight hours, so if you wish to enter for quite reflection please feel free to do so, we only ask that you clean the area you have used (suitable products are made available for your use).

We all understand that this is still a time of concern and Covid has not gone away, so if you feel the need to talk to someone, please do call Rev. Chris on 01403 432813, he would love to speak with you.