About Us

We are the parish church for everyone who lives in the triangle of Camberwell between John Ruskin Street, Camberwell Road and Camberwell New Road.

Come as you are. We are an inclusive church with a big heart, a listening ear and an open mind. You are welcome.

We work with others to serve our community. These are activities open to all; you do not need to be a Christian to contribute or take part.

New mothers and their small children are welcome to take part in MumSpace on Tuesday 1-3pm.

 Ark All Saints is our partner school http://arkallsaintsacademy.org/

We are here for you in good times and bad.

We love to baptise babies and share the joy you have: let God know what your child is called.

 Weddings are great in our church. Our white building matches a wedding dress. Bring family and friends to say your vows before God.

Say good bye and thank you when your loved one dies in the community where they lived. Bring dignity and love to a sad occasion.

 Come and find us when we are in church for prayer, or contact us by phone or e mail. We look forward to getting to know you. We need to meet you face to face to organise special celebrations before the event for everything to run smoothly.