Giving money to support Camberwell St Michael

Our church relies on the financial generosity of people like you. What money you give to Camberwell St Michael make possible the worship, prayer and service of our church. By giving regularly through PGS, you are also ensuring that our building is maintained, staff are paid, and the doors of Camberwell St Michael are open to the local community.

The PGS (Parish Giving Scheme) is an online support for churches which makes it easy to collect back Gift Aid Tax from the Government. Please use this to give, your donation gets bigger by 25%. Look for Camberwell St Michael on this link and follow the 'Make a Donation' button. Give to your parish - Parish Giving Scheme

If you are able, please inflation-link your gift to Camberwell St Michael; this is an enormous help to us as we face rising costs over the years. If you are UK taxpayer, please make a Gift Aid declaration; this increases your gift by 25% at no cost to you.

Thank you for your generous support – it is greatly appreciated.