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Getting here

St Helen's, Witton, also known as 'Northwich Parish Church' is situated in the centre of Northwich, Cheshire, England. Our community is very varied; the parish extends from the town centre to the edge of the urban area.

We are a church that prides itself on offering everyone a warm welcome, whether you're a church regular, or only visit rarely. You may be young or old, rich or poor, happy or sad, working or not, poorly or well, straight or gay, lonely or surrounded by friends. However you would describe yourself, St Helen's offers space to be yourself, to chat to others, or have some quiet time. We hope that you will come to St Helen's and experience some of the Peace, Joy and Love that God has for us all. 

This is a place where successive generations have gathered week by week for worship, baptisms, weddings and funerals over hundreds of years. As one looks around our church, there are many reminders of the history of the building and within that, the memory that at each stage in that history, real people came into this house of God and left their mark. Sometimes it wasn't always welcome like the person who carved their initials in the sandstone in the Lady Chapel in 1734, but it reveals to us a glimpse of the past.

As we glimpse the past, we must always have a vision for the future and more so, an openness to the work of the Holy Spirit to lead us perhaps to places we had not thought of.

This Church is a beacon of God's love and grace and forgiveness and welcome and it's through the work of His Holy Spirit, moving in the hearts and lives of so many people here, that we have an opportunity shine out in every way. Our new lighting may show our building as the Majestic Cathedral of Mid Cheshire in all it's glory, rising above the Town of Northwich, almost like a protector and beacon of hope, but likewise we need to ensure that our lives light up this town, that as more and more people recognise the Spirit of God moving in this place and come to be part of that, they will see the glory of God radiating around and within us.

God has a vision for each and everyone of us (including you) and for this Parish. In many respects it is true that all we need to do is to trust, to allow him to guide us and inspire us but this is where perhaps we need to be aware of the Holy Spirit moving us in ways which we had not previously thought of or imagined He would.

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