Promising Future - our vision for St Helen's

We want to bring St Helen’s alive for the whole community as part of our mission Serving Christ, Serving the Community and have made a lot of progress on our Vision for St Helens in the 21st Century. 

St Helen’s church is over 650 years old, the oldest and most beautiful building in Northwich. But we do not intend it should be a museum. We are already achieving increased use, enabling people to enjoy St Helens through an increasing range of activities from Saturday opening, film nights, mums and toddlers’ sessions, inclusive worship, learning, sharing and participation. 

To support this vision we intend to develop the building and the grounds of the church. We are going to provide a more welcoming entrance and new catering, meeting, toilet and storage facilities including a new extension on the north side of the church. We will carefully re-landscape the churchyard to make it the most beautiful place in Northwich, providing space for outdoor gathering, enjoyment, contemplation, easy access and car parking. We will repair the medieval stonework and carefully clean our beautiful stained glass windows. 

St Helen’s shows the life and story of the community over hundreds of years. It exists to make life better for all, to offer life in all its fullness. 

Come and share – it’s for you!