Easy Fund Raising

Would you be willing to help raise valuable funds for the church?

Easy Fund Raising is a way of doing this every time you shop online. There are many retailers that are linked to this scheme and when you purchase an item via this site the retailer will donate a percentage of the sale price towards your chosen cause.

It is easy to sign up. Please follow these steps if you are interested in helping us.

1. Visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk

2. In the "Search for a good cause" box, type in 'St Peters Church Neatishead'.

3. Select our church from the dropdown list and it will take you to our page.

4. From here click the pink box 'Support this cause'.

5. Create an account either with your Facebook login or with an e-mail account. Click on the appropriate box.

6. Fill out your details, read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and decide if you wish to be contacted or not

7. Click on the pink 'Create my account' box.

When you are signed up and you want to purchase something then you can:-

1. Use the 'Search for a retailer' box to find the shopping page you wish to use (e.g. 'John Lewis').

2. Type in the retailer's name and click 'Search'.

3. Pick you retailer and once the page has come up, click on the pink 'Shop now' button.

You are ready now to shop and any purchases you make will accrue funds for the church (John Lewis, for example, will donate 1% of the sale price to charity).

P.S. We would advise against adding the Donation Reminder as it may become a bit persistent!