About Us

As the unique village in the Northumberland National Park, St. Cuthbert's is usually open 9am - 5pm most days for visitors to drop in and appreciate this special church.

Built about 1400, in the shape of a cross, the church is dedicated to St Cuthbert whose body is said to have rested here a short time in 875, during the wanderings of the Monks of Lindisfarne. This church replaced a small Norman building. It is thought that the Vicar's Pele, a fortified parsonage, also dates from about 1400 when plundering by the Scots was particularly bad. (Note: On the pillars nearest the entrance are many deep grooves made by the fighting men sharpening their weapons.)  Please use the reference guides stored on the table at the back of the church to explore the building and its heritage.

All are welcome to our communion service at 6pm on the first Sunday of every month. Other Sundays have services in the neighbouring villages of Otterburn, Corsenside and Bellingham.