Welcome to all

St Edmunds is open for Private Prayer & Reflection on a Wednesday  and for Holy Communion the first Sunday each month at 9.30am. We are part of the Kingsbridge Estuary Churches Mission Community, with St Thomas of Canterbury Dodbrooke and All Saints West Alvington. 

We'd love to welcome you.
We have church services in one of our three Mission Community churches on a Sunday at 9.30am - see below for details - and a Zoom on-line service at 11.00am which can also be accessed by phone

All warmly welcome. For details contact Revd Jackie [email protected]

We are meeting as the three churches each week and the pattern is as follows:

1st Sunday St Edmund's Kingsbridge

2nd Sunday Dodbrooke

3rd Sunday All Saints West Alvington

4th Sunday Dodbrooke

When there is a 5th Sunday - Dodbrooke

Do take a look at the various pages to find out more about what we are doing. 

Whether on line or in church we welcome you to a place of welcome, worship, prayer and fellowship.

The church building has stood in the midst of, and served the community, through times of joy and times of sorrow, in all the changing seasons of life. It is built on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ - whose love is a constant - the same, yesterday today and forever. The faith expressed in the living church of Christ - the people.

you can find details of other on-line services and resources on https://exeter.anglican.org