Church of England Diocese of Exeter Brendon

St Brendan

St Brendan, a remote rural church serving the community of Brendon along the East Lyn river on Exmoor. St Brendan is one of eight churches that form the Lyn Mission Community. There are two regular services at St Brendan each month with additional services for special annual festivals. See the services and events link for more details.

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Christmas at St Brendan

Discover what’s on offer this Christmas at our church. We’d love you to come and celebrate with us.

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Reverend Samantha Stayte

The Rectory 20, Lee Road Lynton EX35 6BP
01598 752289

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Holy Communion

Every Every Fourth Sunday at 9:45 a.m.


Holy Communion conducted by one of the Lyn Ministers, Rev'd Samantha or Rev'd Jean.

Eucharist/Holy Communion

DCRF Harvest Newsletter

19 Sep 2019, 3 p.m.