Church of England Diocese of Exeter Brendon

Praying for those who work in our local hospital and health care services

18 Nov 2020, 7 p.m.

Dear Friends, I am keen to forward this letter that Revd Jean has sent out to all local churches as she works on creating a network of prayer for NDDH. Do get in contact with her if you would like to be part of this really important way of offering our support for those who we are all so reliant on at this time. God bless, Samantha

I have been involved with the Chaplaincy team at NDDH for many years, but with the arrival of Covid 19, and it’s increased demands on an already busy Northern Devon Healthcare Trust, it has become part of my regular prayer time, to bring before God the nurses and doctors, the Chaplaincy team, and all who work in our local Hospital; and to pray for patients, both out-patients, those who attend A & E, and those staying in Hospital and their relatives, especially at this time, including those who have been unable to visit and to be alongside their loved ones.

During a recent conversation with Julie Cartwright, Chaplain at the Hospital, the idea of encouraging prayer for the Hospital within it’s catchment area was discussed. While we may pray for individuals whom we may know to be unwell, we wondered how often our churches pray for the work of the Hospital. During this time we have been made aware of the tremendous commitment of those serving our communities, but the Hospital is always busy 24/7 every day of the week, and regular prayer is something the Church could, and should, offer. NDDH covers a large area of approxiimately 800 square miles, and according to data in 2016, serves a population of around 160,000 in North Devon and Torridge, together with patients from parts of North Cornwall, and tourists.

As we know there has been considerable expansion of properties built since that time, so numbers will have increased considerably. The intention is to eventually reach out to all the churches within the Hospital’s catchment area, but I am beginning locally and building up from there. I am therefore approaching you to ask whether you might feel able to commit to praying for our Hospital on a regular basis, daily, or weekly.

Perhaps you have someone in your congregation whom you feel might wish to offer this valuable ministry; it could be a small hub who meet together for this purpose. We are simply the messengers - it is God who hears and acts. If you would like to take part I will send you a copy of the Hospital’s prayer directory and am happy to discuss this with you further, and my tel. no. is 01598 752699: [email protected] I trust you are keeping well, and waiting for 2nd December to see what Boris will instigate then.

Best wishes, Jean

The Reverend Samantha Stayte The Lyn Valley Mission Community