Uniformed Organisations

Saint Martin's has strong, historic links with the Girlguiding and Scouting uniformed organisations.

The 4th Barnehurst (St. Martin’s) Scout Group is a sponsored open group established in 1938 shortly after the church was built. The groups is very active running a number of units.  They have their own headquarters, built on the church's land, and also their own field, used for a variety of activities, adjacent to their headquarters.

Girlguiding Barnehurst District is not sponsored but are also very active. They meet in the Church Hall (AKA the Huxtable Hall) and also use the (relatively) nearby council owned Parkside Community Centre (1 Parkside Cross, Barnehurst. DA7 6ND).

Girlguiding Barnehurst and 4th Barnehurst (St. Martin's) Scout Group

Unit                                                   Location                     Day                 Time

RAINBOWS - 2nd Barnehurst       Parkside Hall        Monday            5.30-6.30pm

RAINBOWS – 1st Barnehurst        Church Hall          Wednesday      5.00-6.00pm

RAINBOWS – 4th Barnehurst        Church Hall          Friday               5.45-6.45pm

BROWNIES - 2nd Barnehurst        Church Hall          Monday            6.15-7.45pm

BROWNIES – 6th Barnehurst        Church Hall          Wednesday      6.15-7.45pm

BROWNIES – 3rd Barnehurst        Church Hall          Thursday          6.30-7.45pm

GUIDES - 2nd Barnehurst              Church Hall          Friday                7.00-9.00pm

BEAVER SCOUTS - Mariners          Scout HQ              Monday            5.15-6.15pm

BEAVER SCOUTS - Musketeers     Scout HQ              Tuesday            5.00-6.30pm

CUB SCOUTS - Seeonee                 Scout HQ              Wednesday     6.30-8.15pm

CUB SCOUTS - Shikaris                  Scout HQ              Thursday         6.30-8.00pm

CUB SCOUTS - Waingunga            Scout HQ              Friday               6.30-8.00pm

SCOUTS - Impeesa                          Scout HQ              Tuesday           7.00-9.00pm

SCOUTS - Espinosa                         Scout HQ              Monday           7.30-9.00pm


To find out more you can either call in to one of the meetings listed above or contact [email protected] for Girlguiding or [email protected] for the Scout group.

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