Church of England Diocese of Rochester St. Martin, Barnehurst

Who's Who at Saint Martin's

Vicar:                                                        The Rev’d. Gareth Bowen SCP
                                                                  The Vicarage
                                                                  93 Pelham Road
                                                                  DA7 4LY

Associate Vicar:                                      The Rev'd. Paul Davies

Honorary Assistant Curate:                 The Rev’d. Keith Sims

Licensed Reader:                                    Ann Batchelor

Pastoral Assistant:                                  Mary Parlett

Churchwardens:                                      Dave Barnett

Deanery Synod Representatives:         Heather Suggitt
                                                                   David Baldwin (PCC Treasurer)

Elected PCC Members:                           Nathalie Edwards
                                                                    Jan Hailstone (PCC Secretary)
                                                                    Ann Hazelton
                                                                    Karen Ingram
                                                                     Jenny Owen
                                                                    Kim Sangster

Electoral Roll Officer:                               Betty Rossiter

Magazine Editor:                                      Keith Rossiter

Hall Lettings:                                             email lettings secretary

Parish Safeguarding Representative:   Jan Hailstone

Sunday School Leader:                           Ann Batchelor