Christenings, Weddings and Funerals

This church exists to serve all who live within the parish boundaries, as well as any others who choose to worship here.
If you live in Belmont or Carrville, or the eastern end of Gilesgate, you are probably a member already if you would like to be!

Living in the parish means you are fully entitled to have your wedding or funeral here, for example, whether or not you regularly attend church.


Christenings either take place in the main Sunday morning service at 10.30am, or in a separate service at 12.15pm if there are more than 25 people (in which case we ask you to come to church at 10.30am the following week for your family to be welcomed into the congregation and to receive your baptism certificate).

We believe that our children and young people should be able to actively contribute to our worship. We welcome baptised children to the Communion Table before Confirmation with preparation.

To book please come along to Office Hour on either the second or fourth Saturday of the month between 10-11am


St Mary Magdalene Church is a wonderful choice for your wedding!

A church wedding gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment by making some amazing promises to each other, and inviting God to bless your future life together. We are always delighted to welcome enquiries about getting married here whether or not you attend church. Anyone living in the parish is entitled to have their wedding at St Mary Magdalene's. For those living outside the parish there may be some additional requirements. 

To book please come along to Office Hour on either the second or fourth Saturday of the month between 10-11am


A church funeral service marks the end of life here on earth, and commends the deceased into God’s loving care. It is also an opportunity to give thanks for the life that has now ended, and to pray for comfort for bereaved family and friends.

Everyone, whether or not they were a churchgoer in life, is entitled to a Church of England funeral service in their local parish church should their family so wish. Alternatively, a minister will be pleased to take a shorter version of the funeral service in a crematorium, or at the graveside. The minister will also be able to conduct a service of burial of ashes at a later date, if you so wish.