You may visit St Mary's church for personal reflection or prayer.

If you come to St Mary's bearing a particular burden and would like to be remembered in prayer or to remember someone or something else in prayer, there is a prayer request book which you may add your prayer request to. These prayers are read our weekly during Morning Prayer.  Please feel free to light a votive candle and place it on the stand near the font.  There is sometimes a prayer table with a particular theme near the font.  You are welcome to use this.

We welcome your prayers for our congregation and the people of our village. You may wish to read or reflect on our prayer:

Lord Jesus, 

in this place of stillness and peace,

surrounded by the bustle of daily village life,

I thank you for the generations of Wedmore men and women who have animated these stones through their prayers and praises, by their joy and grief, in their activity and quiet contemplation.

Bless the people of Wedmore today, watch over their comings in and goings out.

Bless too the congregation that worship here; may they be a people of hope and hospitality and may they grow in numbers and depth of spirituality. 


The Wells diocese has a useful website which includes many ideas for prayers.

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

– Martin Luther