Partnership For Missional Church - What's it all about?

The churches across the Benefice of The Isle of Wedmore are doing something new.  They have started a journey into new territory. 

Partnership for Missional Church (PMC) is a three year process that gives churches a framework and resources to help them listen attentively to God and their community and decide what God might be calling then ti be and do.

The combination of spiritual disciplines and practical tools makes PMC a powerful process.  The evidence from a pilot in  Bath and Wells, and the experience of other dioceses, shows that it is a process that can lead to profound and positive change. PMC comes from Church Mission Society, who are accompany us through the process. 

This is how the three years work. We are nearing the end of Year 1

Year 1 ) Listening to God and to the community to see where God is already at work inside and outside our church. 

Year 2) Experimenting based on our listening, trying things out with people in the local community, to see what works and what doesn't.

Year 3) Focused work based on what we have learned from our experiments  - but hopefully we will also carry on experimenting! 

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