On a Wheel and a Prayer

Schedule for monthly On a Wheel and a Prayer 

Timings of the route are as follows:

10.30 am Cocklake Lane End Farm

10.40 am Crickham Crickham Baptist Chapel

10.50 am Clewer Clive Weare House

11.20 am Stone Allerton Stone Cross

11.30 am Chapel Allerton Allerton Church

11.40 am Ashton On the corner next to Hill View Farm

11.50 am West Stoughton T Junction with the road to Allerton

12.00 noon Blackford Holy Trinity

12.15 pm Westham On the corner next to Bockingford House

12.25 pm Heath House Ash Tree Farm

12.35 pm Sand Upper Sand Farm

12.50 pm Mudgley Court Farm Cottages

1.00 pm Bagley Bagley Baptist Church

1.10 pm Theale Christchurch

1.25 pm Wedmore St Mary’s

Prayers used at each stop

Lord God, you have taught us

that we are members one of another

and that none of us lives to themselves alone.

We thank you for the community ….. of which we are a part;

for those who share with us in its activities,

for those who work here, those who visit here and those whose homes are here.

(particular intercessions for that location)

Help us, as we have opportunity,

to make our contributions to this community

and learn to be good neighbours,

that by love we may serve one another;

through him who was the servant of all,

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

We bring to you, heavenly Father,

all those people of this hamlet/village who are lonely;

those who are too old or infirm to enjoy company

and those who are isolated from others

through suffering and illness

or through loneliness or exclusion.

(particular intercessions for that location)

We pray that friends or neighbours

may be enabled to reach them

and lift them out of loneliness

and bring comfort and hope;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen