Church History

The Church of St. Thomas, located in the village of Cowshill, was built by W. D. Caroe. It was consecrated on February 25th 1915, when the vicar was Rev. John Harrison, and stands approximately 370 metres above sea level. It is stone built with chancel, nave with one aisle and organ chamber with Nelson & Co. of Durham organ, a double manual instrument. It is built from stone with Westmoreland Slate roof, and there are three stained glass windows. The Church was built to replace the previous Church which was located at Copt Hill, a short distance west from the present Church. Copthill Church was built in 1823 as a Chapel of Ease and became a separate parish in 1866. A Whinstone quarry opened near the Church in the late 19th Century, and after several years caused the ground to erode. It was decided to move the Church stone by stone, and it was taken down in 1914 and all parts were reused in the building of the present Church. The foundation stone was laid on July 31st 1911 by Lord Barnard. The old Churchyard can still be visited, and the outline of the Church is still visible.