Church of England Diocese of Durham Chester-le-Street

Coronavirus Announcements

In the light of the guidance given by our Diocesan Bishops we are reopening the Parish Church for Sunday Services and Private Prayer.

In both cases a Risk Assessment has been written by P.C.C members which outlines the methods taken to contain and reduce a possible spread of Covid-19. 

It is important to state that anyone feeling unwell with Covid-19 symptoms should stay at home and that if any in your household have the infection the same applies.  If you have a medical condition, please follow your Doctor's advice regards social isolation. 

For people coming to worship, please come prepared to be assisted by our Welcome Team who will point you to the hand sanitizing station and then to a pew.

Note, there will be no singing in our services, so most services will be shorter, this is to minimize any risk of infection. 

At Holy Communion the Priest will consume both bread and wine and communicants  will receive the wafer from the priest at the Chancel step.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals are now taking place in the Parish Church. However, please note the number restrictions for people attending. Please talk to Jan Rowland's our Parish Centre Administrator on the guidelines were are given for these services.