Frequently Asked Questions

 How many Godparents do I need when having my child Baptised?

Answer: For a boy, 2 male and 1 female. For a girl, 2 female and 1 male. All Godparents must themselves have been Baptised and preferably have been Confirmed.

  Is there a charge to have my baby Baptised?

Answer: The Church of England does not charge for Baptism. At Saint James's we do leave a collection plate out so people can make a donation as they leave.

  What is Advent?

Answer: Advent marks the start of the new Church Year. It is also a time when Christians prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent starts on the Sunday closest to the 30th November and ends at Midnight on Christmas Eve, 24th December.

  I don't go to church so why do I have to pay taxes to fund the Church of England?

Answer: The Church of England is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from people who go to church, and historical investments. None of your taxes are used to fund the Church.

  Can I be married in church if I have been divorced?

Answer: People who have been divorced and whose spouse they divorced from is still alive can be married in a Church of England. However, provision is also made within the law for each church to have its own policy according to conscience. At Saint James's, we do not currently allow people to be married in church if they have been divorced and their spouse they divorced from is still alive.

  Does your Church conduct same sex marriages?

Answer: No, we're not allowed to.

  What is Lent?

Answer: The purpose of Lent is to prepare us for the annual celebration of the death and resurrection of the Lord. It is a time for penitence and for spiritual growth. For a Christian, the excercise of discipline through prayer, fasting, abstinence, almsgiving, and confession of sins hopefully leads us through to a joyful acceptance of the goodness and forgiveness of God. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (which does not have a fixed date) and lasts for six weeks.