War Memorial

On this page are the names of those people from Saint James's who died in both the First and Second World War. 41 people died in the First World War from Saint James's and, then daughter church, Saint Barnabas, Clarksfield. 12 people from Saint James's died in the Second World War. There is a war memorial in the church, built in 1920,  to honour the dead from the First World War. It is of course now taken for granted that this memorial also honours those who died in the Second World War, although their names are recorded elsewhere in the church, on a plaque near the High Altar.

Pictures of the war memorial can be viewed by clicking the following link: https://www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk/node/177506


First World War Dead

Frank Balding     Fred Barritt     Thomas Buckley     Albert Connell     John Cross     Harold Dodsworth     Albert Dronsfield

Cecil Dan Dunham     Fred Dunkerley     Charles Goble     Nathan Grundy     Tom Hamer     Reginald Hepburn     Walter Hewitt

Fred Holding     Harold Holroyd     William Hough     Stanley Jackson     Fred Kershaw     Joseph Leadbeater     George Mayall

Alexander Lockwood     Fred Moore     Fred Murgatroyd     Harry Oldfield     Frederick Nicholls     Sidney Oldfield     John Taylor

Joseph Pervical   Alfred Pickering   Wildred Politt    Walter Rawsthorne   James William Smith   Benjamin Stott  John Edward Wright

William Thomas     Arthur Tweedale     Arthur Wild     James Wilkinson     Clifford Winterbottom     Christopher Wright       


Second World War Dead   

Dennis Blackburn     Harry Barlow     Wilfred Dewsbury     Eric Lees     William Meekin     Frederick Park 

Ernest Saxon     Edward Shaw     James Shepherd     George H Tattersall     Ronald W Taylor     Silvester Raby


When you go home, tell them of us and say "For their tomorrow, we gave our today"

Grant Them O Lord Eternal Rest