Our Mission Action Plan

“Welcoming all and sharing God’s love with all in our community”

At St Martin’s: 

· you will find a warm, friendly, inclusive welcome

· we meet together to encounter God in different ways to help one another grow in faith

· we would like to transform lives by showing God’s love to all in our local community and in the wider world. 

We have four priorities to help us live out our vision of the church that we believe God wants us to be: 

GROWING YOUNGER - with more families meeting to worship God

NURTURING FAITH - more opportunities to grow in faith

SERVING THE COMMUNITY - welcoming those in need, showing God's love

RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER CHURCHES - building good relations with our neighbouring churches

In the last couple of years we have responded to these priorities through a number of new initiatives and through building/strengthening relationships in the community.  We opened "Place of Welcome" as a weekly time when lonely and socially isolated members of the community can come together for refreshments, activities and friendship; we were authorised by our Bishop to admit Children to Communion  before Confirmation; we strengthened our relationship with Greenside School and groups of children regular visit Place of Welcome.   As we emerge from the pandemic, we will be re-looking at how we develop further our priorities so that we can continue to welcome all and share God's love with all in our community.