If you would like to get married with us here at St. Mary's, we would love to meet you to discuss this in person. To arrange this please contact our Church Office on 0161 336 4529 or email [email protected] . We will normally invite you to join us for one of our Sunday morning services to chat to the Vicar afterwards, we can ensure that he is available through first making arrangements with you. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing this journey to your special day with you.


Wedding - £528 (The total wedding cost includes the fee for; the Service, Wedding Rehearsal, Register Entry, and the Verger)

£30.00 - Sound Desk
£30.00 - Pianist
You can add any or all of the above features, the prices are in addition to the total wedding cost. 

Calling of Banns

Couples marrying at St Mary's - £36.00
Couples marrying elsewhere - £54.00 (This includes £16.00 for Certificate of Banns)
Please note that this is a requirement for a Church of England wedding.

The above prices were updated on 1st January 2023, in accordance to The Church of England Parochial Church Fees 2023.

If you are unsure which parish you are part of, for your banns of marriage, you can find out here: . Just click on the link and enter your post code in the box provided, you will see a list of your local churches and which parish you are under.