Baptism, Thanksgivings, and Confirmation

What is Baptism?

As a sign that we have turned from sin and turned to follow Jesus, God gives us the ‘sign and seal’ of baptism.

For Adults
In baptism, we are washed with water – a sign of being ‘washed clean’ from our sins. We are also baptised into ‘the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit’, which shows that we are God’s and want to go his way from now on. Baptism is also a seal from God, that he will keep his promise to us of eternal life with him, if we continue to trust in him.

For Children
Your child is precious to you and precious to God. Children who are too young to profess belief in Jesus are baptised on the understanding that they are brought up as Christians within the family of the church. At a Baptism your child will be blessed and prayed for, your friends and family, and your chosen Godparents will promise to love them and care for them as they grow. This is also a chance to say thank you to God for bringing your child into your life. As they grow up, they need the help and encouragement of their family, their godparents, and the church, so that they learn to be faithful in public worship and private prayer, to live by trust in God, and by his grace come to confirm their faith in Jesus Christ when they are old enough. You can see what a child's baptism at St. Mary's looks like on our website (CLICK HERE)

What is a Thanksgiving Service?
A special church service, different from a baptism, can be used as a way to say thank you to God for your child. It is called a Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child and you can see what a Thanksgiving service at St. Mary's looks like on our website (CLICK HERE). It’s possible to have this service instead of a christening if you decide that now isn’t the right time to have your child baptized. Or, you could even have the Thanksgiving service as well as a christening. You might also choose this service when your baby is just born, or if you have adopted a child into your family and you simply want to celebrate this with special words said by a vicar in church. Whatever the reason, your vicar will be delighted to talk to you about this service.

What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is your opportunity to:
- Publicly confirm to your friends, family and our church family that you have committed your life to Jesus Christ and want to follow him.
- Be strengthened in your faith through the preparation and prayers for you, that you will be given grace to be faithful to Jesus forever.
- Be welcomed by the Bishop into full membership of the worldwide Anglican church.

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