Funerals & Burial Prices

The prices below were updated on 1st March 2023, in accordance to The Church of England Parochial Church Fees 2023.

Funeral Service in Church: £217.00 - The cost is for a funeral taking place in St Mary's and includes the fee for the committal.

£30.00 - Sound Desk
£30.00 - Pianist
£30.00 - Verger
You can add any or all of the above features, these prices are in addition to the Funeral cost.

Funeral Service in the Cemetery: £206.00 This cost is for a funeral carried out by the Vicar of St Mary's, but not in the Church i.e. at the Cemetery / Graveside.

Garden of Remembrance
Please be aware that if you want someone to be buried or have a plaque placed in our 'Garden of Remembrance' the funeral must take place at St Mary's.   To order a plaque, please CLICK HERE to complete our digital 'Plaque Order Form'. If you require a paper form, please contact our Church Office.

Burial of Ashes: £212.00 - The cost of our 'digger' is included in this price.

Plaque Order: £232.34 - This includes the cost for the order of the plaque and its placement within the 'Garden of Remembrance'.

We arrange funerals in conjunction with funeral directors, please speak to a funeral director in the first instance. They will contact us and we will contact you. Here are the contact details of some of the local funeral directs we work with:

Green Funeral Services, based in Haughton Green - 0161 335 0138

Dowse Catterall Funeral Service, based in Denton - 0161 336 6023

S. P. Astley Funeral Directors, based in Denton - 0161 464 8959  

Raymond Massey & Son Funeral Directors, based in Dukinfield - 0161 343 1663  

Kim Metcalf Funeral Services, based in Audenshaw - 0161 335 9699   
Memories Funeral Services, based in Romiley - 0161 250 9638