Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Whorlton

About Us

Historically, Whorlton was perceived as something of a 'country church', serving the 'Village' (Westerhope), right out on the very edge of the city. New estates grew up, and most recently, three major developments right on our doorstep!

Prompted by this, we've been thinking very seriously about who we are and what we stand for. In these discussions, 'conversation, not conversion' - providing Christian company (open to all) - has emerged as a touchstone. All are welcome to our worship: weekly, monthly, occasional/seasonal attenders; or simply those committed enough to care. As a parish church, this is intentionally an inclusive space.

During lockdown and the restrictions of the Coronavirus, we became increasingly proficient in YouTube and Zoom, and out of this came a conscious and ongoing commitment to sharing in worship and fellowship together digitally.

If labels help, St John's is roughly middle of the road (attempting a mixture of friendliness and formality), but whoever you are, and whatever your position or perspective, you'll find a welcome here.

Going forward, we're looking to especially invest in the Hall as a shared, safe space.

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