Sunday Service Format


10.00am. Sunday Service,

our friendly stewards greet you at the door and hand out the service books and church notices and will show you to a Seat . 60 to 90 attend this service weekly,

The Third Sunday of  the month is a family service led by Rona Duncan (an LLM) and Andy Saunders LLW, out Childrens worker.    The other Sunday services  follow the Eucharist in the service books.   After the greeting comes the Prayer of Preparation then the Prayer of Penitence and the Gloria is sung, The Collect is said then comes the Readings from the Bible followed by the gradual hymn. The Gospel reading is followed by the Sermon. Then we stand to say the Creed then sit or kneel for the Prayers of Intercession, then we stand to offer one another the peace with other members of the congregation.  The priest will say which Prayer to follow, which is sung, the Communion table is prepared and the congregation is invited to come to the altar to receive the communion or a prayer of blessing;  the priest hands out the wafers while the server offers the chalice with the wine.  The congregation sings hymns during this time.  Notices are then given out. The final hymn is sung and then refreshments are served in the hall.

Church-in-the-Round - 1st Sundays at 5.30pm (or 4.30pm in winter)

This more informal cafe church service takes place in the hall with people sitting around tables