Booking a Baptism

A christening or baptism is a special service where we give thanks to God for someone. We are delighted to confirm that they can still take place in our Churches, in line with government, social-distancing guidelines.

It’s also a service where promises are made to follow God, either by the person being baptised or, if they are too young, by godparents on their behalf.

It costs nothing to be christened in the Church of England, and it’s a wonderful way to start a journey of faith. Baptism is also a serious commitment!

A commitment of two ways – from the baptised who promise to play their part in the life of the church, and from the church to do whatever they can to support the person being baptised.

Where possible, we like baptism to be an integral part of our main Sunday morning services. We do however recognise that it can be difficult to get an extended family together to share in the celebration, and we do consider providing an additional service, usually at either 12.30pm.

We are happy to baptise children and adults. If you have any questions or are looking to arrange a christening, please use the Get in Touch details and one of our baptism team will contact you.

If you are looking to celebrate a new baby’s life, but do not feel ready to make a full commitment to the Christian faith, you may want to consider a Service of Thanksgiving instead.

Please email Rev Robb Wainwright on [email protected] for a Baptismal Form