Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. George, Tombland, Norwich

New! Watch or hear the Sunday service via Zoom! Or join us for coffee and chat after!

24 Apr 2020, 10:30 a.m.
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You can join us to watch the service, or you can join later for the coffee time (and watch the service in your own time earlier or later).

Sam Ruddock will host a Zoom session starting at 10:15. Please connect around 1020 to be sure of being in before the service starts. You can, of course, join in at any time during the proceedings or come and go as you wish.

The service will start promptly at 10:30 a.m. UK time. It will finish with an organ voluntary at around 11:30 UK time.

Join us at around 11.30 to take part in the chat rooms (we divide into small random groups for real conversation and to catch up with friends and meet new people).

How does it work? You join the Zoom call (instructions below) and once you are in you will be able to talk and see other people who have joined too. When the service starts you will be muted so you can't talk, and Sam shares his screen as he runs the YouTube video, and he also posts the lyrics for anyone who wants to sing along to the hymns.

After the service we shall be unmuted and we can talk to each other. Remember to turn your video on, if you had it off during the service! Sam will use "breakout rooms" to put us into small groups for chatting and then shuffle us into different rooms after a bit.

People without a computer can phone in using a telephone. In that case they aren’t visible, nor can they see anyone else, but they can hear the service (in audio only) and they’ll be able to join in during the chat period. This is a lifeline for our more isolated congregation members so please spread the word to those who are not online.

Zoom is very user-friendly and easy to get set up. If it's your first time, it will invite you to download an app, which takes a bit of time so you should experiment with this the day before you want to use it, so that you are able to use the app on the day.

If you've got a computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet connection, click on this link to get it set up. Each meeting has an ID, and this one is 920 4693 5496, with the password being 070701.

To join by telephone instead, simply dial 0131 460 1196 or 0208 080 6591 (both numbers have the same cost as a local call, but on many packages are either free or reduced). You’ll be asked to provide the same meeting ID (920 4693 5496) and password (070701) on their phone and they will be able to participate just like everyone else, except for not being able to see folk, of course.

Let us know that if you need any help with the Zoom setup. Sam Ruddock will be happy to talk you through it.