Church of England Diocese of Norwich St. George, Tombland, Norwich

Announcements and News

Sunday Worship back  in Church

From Sunday 5th July there will be a service (no hymns, physical distancing) in church (one week in Tombland, the next in Colegate, alternating Sunday by Sunday for the next few weeks. See the events pages for details.

This week:

10 a.m Eucharist at Tombland on Friday.

Forthcoming events:

Sunday 6th September at 6 pm: Hymn Singing event online using Zoom.

Important: corona-virus period

We are delighted to report that public services resumed on Sunday, 5th July. Announcements can be found here and on the facebook page.

We also livestream the Sunday service via Zoom for those unable to come to the church. There are also various one-off events that are provided online.

Please look after yourselves and each other during this difficult period, and keep in touch. Lists of people to pray for will be provided: please ask for prayers for anyone you know who is in need, including yourself.

To receive regular emails with the links to the online services and daily reflections, please contact Fr Alaric or fill in our contact form on this site.

Daily Prayer

Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer or a Eucharistic service are available in one or other of our churches most weekdays. See the events pages here and on facebook.

Guidance concerning funerals, weddings and christenings.

Please check with us about these services.

Canon John Minns

Revd Canon John Minns

It is with deepest sorrow that we announce that Fr John peacefully passed away at home on 30th December.

Fr John had not been well for some time and we pray that he is now with his Lord and Saviour whom he faithfully served, without thought for himself, throughout his life.

We pray for and remember Jane and her family at this sad time.

Fr John was priest-in-charge of St George Tombland for 27 years between 1991 and 2018 - he was a true priest, pastor and friend.

As Bishop Graham James said at Fr John's last service ..."John’s pastoral care of the flock of Christ has not been simply diligent, it’s been outstanding. And why? Because John has loved every square inch of this church, every stone within it, and especially the living stones, all of you......we know he has spent himself physically as well as spiritually as a shepherd at St George’s, Tombland. John, you’ve reminded us of what God looks like. God looks like Jesus the good shepherd. He looks like the teacher by the lakeside. He looks like the saviour hanging on the cross. He looks like the one who is made known to us in the breaking of bread. Christ the good shepherd laid down his life and was raised to life again so that we may become sons and daughters of God ourselves. Such have been the possibilities released by John’s ministry here. And that’s why today we give the most profound thanks for John and for Jane "

We, too, give our most profound thanks for Fr John's life, love, ministry and friendship. May he rest in peace and rise in glory - a true and faithful servant.

General notices

We are now serving filter coffee after Church on Sundays. Please ensure that you donate the recommended amount to cover the cost.

The new step free access via the North porch, from Tombland Alley, is now in use (as well as the usual entrance on the South). It will be unlocked before the Sunday service: turn the handle on the right as you face it from outside. 


There is a regular collecting box at the rear of the South Aisle. A list of items that are needed is provided in the notice sheet this week.

Data Protection

Details of the data protection policy are shown on the relevant page of this web site. 

This website includes a few photos and other information, as part of our attempt to convey what the Church is like and what we do. Most of the photographs are of current and former staff and members of the congregation. If you appear in a photograph and would prefer that the image were removed, please get in touch via the contact page.