The Historical Parish of St George, Tombland, Norwich

The crescent shaped parish of St George, Tombland covers an area of approximately 0.1 square miles within the central business district of Norwich and borders the north, west and south sides of the Cathedral precincts and The Close.

At its extremes the parish measures just 0.5 miles by 0.375 miles, extending from the Law Courts in the north-east, to the Art College in the west, and Anglia Television and Prince of Wales Road in the south - a parish boundary of just 2.5 - 2.75 miles.

Although this is a small area the present parish is an amalgation of at least 10 former medieval parishes as follows:

St George, Tombland - Current Parish Church
St Michael-at-Plea - Closed in 1973 - now the Norwich Christian Resource Centre
St Martin-at-Palace - Closed in 1973 - now part of the Probation Service

St Peter, Hungate - Closed in 1936 - Hungate Medieval Art 
St Simon and St Jude - Closed in 1894 - Anglia Academy of Dance
St Mary-the-Less - Closed in 1544 - now a study Centre

Greyfriars - Closed in 1538 - demolished
St Cuthbert - Closed in 1535 - demolished
St Matthew - Closed in 1350 - demolished
St Michael-at-Tombland - Closed in 1094 - demolished

A map of the existing parish has been prepared by Nick Groves and can be found in the church porch. This clearly shows the extent and position of the former parishes which make up the modern parish of St George, Tombland