Christenings at St Alban's

What does Christening involve 

For us and the godparents?

Making a commitment to bring up your child as Christian within the family of Christ’s church.

For our child?

Being welcomed into the family of the church;

Being named before God and proclaimed as a child of God;

Beginning a new spiritual journey in the footsteps of Jesus.

For the church?

Promising to welcome, support and pray for you and your child;

Providing a community where you and your family will feel welcome and are able to worship and grow in faith.

What will we be asked to do?

You and the godparents will be asked to promise that you will:

Tell your child the stories of the Christian faith;

Pray for your child and ask God to bless them;

Help your child take their place within Christ’s church by keeping in touch with our life and worship at St Alban’s.

You and the godparents will be asked to declare that you:

Turn away from the darkness of sin and evil;

Are committed to living your life in the light of Christ’s love.

Some other questions people ask

Is there a difference been Baptism and Christening?

Both names refer to the same service.“Baptism” means “washing”.To be “Christened” means to be “made like Christ”.

What about godparents?

It is usual to have between two and four godparents.They should be able to understand their role of encouraging your child’s spiritual life and must have been christened/baptised themselves.

How much does Christening cost?

There is no fee. However, we would ask you and your guests to make a donation on the collection plate during the service.

Can we have our child Christening if:

We are not yet married?

I am a single parent?

My partner does not share my faith?

Yes – to all of these – but both parents (or guardians) must agree to the chistening/baptism.

We are interested in having our child baptised at St Alban’s

So what happens next?

Firstly, we invite you to join us at worship at either our formal 10am Sunday Mass, our family service at 5pm on Saturday or any other service. Come and see if you feel at home among us and if St Alban’s will suit you and your child as a spiritual home.

Contact the vicar, Fr Gerry (Phone: 0121 440 0404; E-mail: [email protected]).

Christening/Baptism can take place at one of our public services such as Sunday Morning Mass, the Family Service on Saturday or another time.

We hope that you will feel a part of St. Alban’s Church and be able to share fully in our life and worship.

There are activities for all ages at St Alban's Church.