About us and our community

Welcome to St Alban’s, the parish church of Highgate, a parish in the Church of England Diocese of Birmingham. We are a vibrant, inclusive, diverse and affirming community that follows an Anglo-Catholic pattern of worship. We celebrate the beauty of ancient liturgical traditions and the best of the contemporary through the power of the sacraments and the joy of spiritual communion in Christ with one another and with other Christians everywhere.

St Alban’s is a church that values its musical and liturgical traditions and their reputations, its magnificent building and its roots in 19th century Anglo-Catholicism that sought to serve the most marginalized sections of a growing inner-city population. We are inspired by the vision of our founders and the first vicars of our parish, the saintly brothers Fr James and Fr Tom Pollock.

Our church is well connected with our neighbourhood and we work together with local private and public organizations and faith communities. As a part of the Highgate Inter FaithGroup, we run an independent food bank with the Central Synagogue, Stanhope Centre and the Academy, providing weekly (and anonymous) food bags to help about 30 local people.

We want to share Christ’s message of liberation and fullness of life for all people, without imposing our views on anyone. We are aware that God’s Kingdom that we want to serve is bigger than the Church, that the Spirit moves in mysterious ways, and we don’t know where the Spirit comes from and where the Spirit goes. We think that in a multicultural environment like Highgate, part of our mission is to show rather than just tell, because there are other faith communities and believers around us who have their own sacred paths that we respect. We also think that many in our neighbourhood need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and that there are some people who feel spiritually lost or alone who may find hope and love in Christ through the living community of St Alban’s Parish Church.