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Marking the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore today - with the ringing of one bell

27 Feb 2021, 10:30 a.m.
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<div><font face="arial, sans-serif"><font color="#0b5394">We are marking the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore today - with the ringing of one bell</font><font color="#0b5394">
</font></font></div><div><font color="#0b5394" face="arial, sans-serif">The funeral of Captain Sir Tom Moore is taking place this weekend. Although this will be a private family service, The Bishop of Bedford has asked whether the life of Captain Tom, who was of course a resident of Bedfordshire, could be marked by the ringing of bells in as many towers as possible across the county this Saturday, 27 February at 12 noon the suggestion is that ONE bell could be tolled (or chimed) 100 times.</font></div><div><font color="#0b5394" face="arial, sans-serif">This has come at relatively short notice, within the last 3 days which can prove challenging for many churches in these times. </font><font color="#0b5394" face="arial, sans-serif">However, with the quick supportive response from Rev'd Steve Nuth, our churchwarden will be accessing church [in line with the government's latest Covid-19 Rules and the Church of England's guidance for churches </font><font color="#0b5394">which is covered off through Risk Assessment and Church Business Continuity Planning]</font> to simply chime one bell. Join with us in observing Captain Sir Tom Moore's life from your homes, gardens or if you are out and about for exercise. </div><div><font face="arial, sans-serif"><font color="#0b5394">Our Church Building continues to remain closed for the time being and we be will giving an update on Plans for March and April soon. </font></font></div><div><font face="arial, sans-serif"><font color="#0b5394">We also look forward to writing about the work carried out to and associated with our three historical bells in recent years and are very interested to hear from people who are experienced at bell ringing that may be interested in ringing our bells and can provide a reference from someone involved within a bell ringing group or society to help us take bell ringing forward at church in the future. </font></font></div><div><div><font color="#0b5394" face="arial, sans-serif">Have a Safe, healthy and Blessed weekend. </font></div></div>