Christmas Tree Festivals

Our Christmas Tree Festivals

The idea of a Christmas Tree Festival in church was first suggested by Bill Creamer in late 2013. By 2014 the seed had taken root in the heart of our small but committed fundraising team, with the full support of the of the Parochial Church Council and Kelvin and Stacey White leading the organisation of the event. 

Our first Christmas Tree Festival came to life on Friday 11th December 2015.

Each and every Christmas tree and exhibit is very special individually and also collectively in decorating the church together so beautifully. Everyone who enters our church during the Christmas Tree Festival has the opportunity to choose their favourite Christmas tree or exhibit by vote. The votes are counted with the peoples favourite and second favourite announced at the close of the event along with various prize and raffle draws.

Our Christmas Tree Festival has become an important fundraising and outreach event in which we seek to place St. Peter's at the heart of the community of Milton Bryan, our benefice and beyond. 

Funds raised during this event go towards the Fabric Fund. 

Christmas Tree Festival History at St. Peter’s Church, Milton Bryan


Favourite: 'The Snowman Tree' by Stacey White

2nd Favourite: 'A Lego Christmas Scene' by Sam Gibson


Favourite: 'A Festive Feast for Feathered Friends Christmas Tree' by Daisy White

2nd Favourite: 'It was a starry night....' by Woburn Benefice Sunday School


Joint Favourite: 'Eversholt Lower School All Age Christmas Tree' and 'Cathedral Square at Christmas' arrangement by Alan White

2nd Favourite: 'The Tea Tree' by Barbara Wickens


Favourite: ‘Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree' by Tracey Savage

2nd Favourite: 'The Sweet Christmas Tree' by Gwen O'Connor


Favourite: ‘The Memory Tree’ by Karen O'Connor & Colin Funge

2nd Favourite: ‘The Church Tree’ by Bill, Andrew, and Jan Creamer

2020 Covid-19 pandemic and government restrictions prevented this event from taking place. 


Favourite: ‘The Memory Tree’ by Karen O'Connor & Colin Funge

2nd Favourite: 'The Knitted 12 Days of Christmas' Christmas Tree by Sue Winterson


Favourite: 'In Memory of the Queen, Christmas Tree' by Gwen O'Connor

2nd Favourite: 'The Tree of Knowledge' by Stacey White


We plan to run a Christmas Tree festival during December this year