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We have quite a few people enquiring about christenings, weddings, funerals, wedding blessings and so on – who frequently ask us the same question, ‘Can we have the service, even though we are not members of the church?’

To which, usually, the answer is ‘Yes.’

Because of the way the parish system works, if you are resident in our parish you are entitled to be baptised, married (for the first time) or have your funeral in church. Even if you don’t live in the parish we would be very pleased to help you if we can.

We consider that church, and the help we provide, is not a ‘members only’ club – but open to and available to everyone who needs it. Jesus didn’t ask if people were ‘in his gang’ before he broke bread with them or healed them, taught them or ministered to them… and neither do we.

The Parochial (Parish) system means we have a duty of care for, and service to, everyone (yes – everyone). So, if there is anything we can do - please ask!

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