Church of England Diocese of St.Albans Christ Church Waltham Cross


As churches are closed at the moment, our main source of income - collections and donations at services, fees from hall letting etc., have stopped. However, we still have bills to pay and we will be in considerable financial difficulty if the lockdown continues, as Church of England churches receive no state income and are supported entirely by donations from church members and church users. 

We see our church as a resource for the community, so we're asking for your help. Here's how you can....

We now have text giving: to donate to Christ Church, text 2020CHURCH (amount) to 70085 (so, for example, to give £5, text 2020CHURCH 5 to 70085). Please use caps and leave a space between church and the number.

At the bottom of this page is a pdf with our QR code (use your camera to focus on it as if you were going to take a picture and then follow the instructions). 

Our bank details are 404521 00445282. Please make a donation if you can - every little helps.

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