Churchyard Reminders

About our Churchyard

Our Churchyard is subject to the 2004 Church of England Churchyard Regulations (in full on the Church of England website). We are inspected regularly and required to REMOVE items which are NOT PERMITTED. To protect the environment and aid churchyard maintenance the 2004 Regulations include:

No candles or solar lights

No plastic, china or glass containers

No photographs, letters, cards or other mementoes

No faded artificial or dead flowers

No shrubs or bushes

Bulbs or flowers may be planted in but not outside a grave

The grave space may not be extended. Gravel or a surround may not be added. Headstones, additions and alterations require approval on a blue form (from stonemasons)

• Our churchyard is cared for by unpaid volunteers.

• Donations and offers of help with upkeep are welcomed.

• To include a loved one in the church Book of Remembrance please contact the churchwardens.

• For free bereavement support please contact Ann Edwards [email protected] 01992 304397.

• For a visit from any of the ministry team please contact the Rector [email protected] 01920 830035.