Thought for Saturday 9th December

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Thought for today 

We pray for peace in Ukraine Israel and Gaza

A charity, 'Road to Recovery', consists of 1,000 Israeli volunteers who drive sick Palestinians (mostly children) from checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza to life-saving hospital appointments in Israel.

4 of these volunteers were killed in the attacks of Oct 7th.

2 are held hostage by Hamas.

Family members disapprove of volunteers helping Palestinians. Israeli soldiers disapprove. Volunteers are accused of helping Hamas. ‘People look at me like I’m the enemy’ Yael says.

Yael’s parents survived the terrifying kibbutz attack. 2 of her nephews are fighting in Gaza. Yael’s initial reaction was ‘I would never speak to people in Gaza again.’ Then she decided she couldn’t let the atrocities change her. Like us they are victims of Hamas, so I think we should keep on helping them... Our neighbours need help, so we need to help them’.

‘I’m fighting to be good. I’m fighting to stay moral when both sides are in such terrible pain. I’m fighting to be the same person I was before...I’m doing it because I want to be proud to be Israeli. I believe that whether you’re an Israeli or Palestinian, a Jew or Arab, people are people...

I know that both of us will still live here, so we must find a solution...It may be hard but we can’t stop.’

May God bless and strengthen these volunteers, and all people of good will, who swim against the tide in trying to bridge the growing divide between Israeli and Palestinian. Amen.

with love and prayers